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PE 2018! Forecasting in Electric Power Engineering 2018
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Papers [51]

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Sowiński J. finally accepted abstract
Forecasting of electricity demand in the region
Baczyński D., Kopyt M., Piotrowski P., Szafranek K. finally accepted abstract
Analysis of possibilities to improve quality of spatial wind speed forecasts for efficient forecasting of electric energy production in onshore wind farms in Poland
Grishkevich A. accept status: ? abstract
Simulation models using empirical statistical distributions to estimate structural reliability indices
Marciniak L., Piątek M. finally accepted abstract
The influence of the network asymmetry on the settings and sensitivity of an earth fault protection using higher harmonics
Dutka M, Świątek B. finally accepted abstract
Seasonality effect on working and prediction of the production of electricity in onshore wind farm
Marciniak L. finally accepted abstract
General earth fault protection for MV networks using wavelet decomposition and Bayesian criterion
Parol M., Piotrowski P., Piotrowski M. finally accepted abstract
Very short-term forecasting of power demand of big dynamics objects
Owczarek R., Korab R., Połomski M. accept status: ? abstract
Koordynacja przesuwników fazowych w systemie elektroenergetycznym Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej
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